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Vidéo 5 : Les Dermoptères (Dermoptera - Colugos, Galéopithèques, Lémurs volants, Cynocéphales)

samedi 7 octobre 2017, par François Daniel Giezendanner

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Les Dermoptères sont un ordre de mammifères qui ne comprend qu’une famille, les Cynocephalidae regroupant deux espèces de Cynocephalus :
- Cynocephalus volans, Galéopithèque : On le trouve aux Philippines.
- Cynocephalus variegatus, Galeopterus variegates : vit plutôt en Malaisie et en Indonésie.

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 The Colugo


globalzoo, Ajoutée le 14 janv. 2010
This is a video of the colugo taken from the BBC’s Planet Earth documentary series.

 It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane ... It’s a Colugo ? | Nat Geo Live


National Geographic, Ajoutée le 2 juil. 2012
National Geographic engineers develop a tiny camera to show us what it’s like to fly with a colugo—better known as a flying lemur

 Flying Lemur Colugo caught gliding at night ! (Singapore)


Ajoutée le 6 oct. 2014
Colugo caught gliding from tree to tree while on the move ! Singapore

 Releasing a colugo in Singapore


Robin Hicks, Ajoutée le 23 mai 2017
A colugo was found in the garden of a house on the edge of a forest in Singapore, hanging from a clothes wrack. Once scooped up, the animals was relocated to the forest, where he was released on to a tree.

 Stunning Footage of a Kubong Gliding Through the Trees


Smithsonian Channel, Ajoutée le 8 avr. 2016
Kubongs, also known as colugos, are by far the most skillful and powerful of the forest gliders. With a single leap, they can travel over 100 meters. Here’s one in action.

 Flying lemur or Colugo


Ajoutée le 25 nov. 2015
Flying lemur or Colugo (that do not have one common scientific name)

 Hindhede NP/BTNR Nov 2016 Colugo Action


Ajoutée le 22 nov. 2016
HNP MVI_a0847UTubeColugo MOV